CPX-R Helmet

CPX-R Helmet
Item# cpx-r-helmet
Shell:  Visor:  Chin:  Mask:  Chin Strap: 

Product Description

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- SEVEN Technology™: On impact, the Seven Technology liner system compresses to laterally displace energy and within seconds, completely reset to ready for the next impact.

- R Series Shell: brings a never-before-seen level of aggression and speed grounded in Cascade DNA. Venting, Chine Lines and Counterbalance.

- SPRfit™ Hardtail: The High Performance evolution of the SPRfit (Swiss Precision Ratchet). The same bombproof components of our ground breaking system housed by a HDPE case.

-X Series Components: A Visor, Mask and Chin system that defines tight and light. No nonsense, just lines that allow you to play your game.

- Customization